Twin Horns Party Members of Manga “TBATE”

Embark on an exhilarating exploration of “The Beginning After The End” manga as we shine a spotlight on the dynamic duo known as the “Twin Horns Party.” In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating characters who bring a unique blend of camaraderie, skills, and charisma to the forefront of Arthur Leywin’s extraordinary journey. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of their roles, abilities, and the impact they have on the unfolding narrative.

Twin Horns Party Members of Manga "TBATE"

1. Adam Krensh:

Adam Krensh

Adam Krensh, an augmenter devoid of any elemental affinity, was an integral member of the Twin Horns Party. In the heat of battle, his weapon of choice was a spear.

He possessed a rather handsome appearance, characterized by vibrant red hair artfully tied into a tousled poof, with stray bangs escaping the restraint. His eyes radiated a lively brightness, seemingly perpetually filled with laughter. However, what truly caught one’s attention was the prominent scar stretching across his nose, extending to both cheeks.

2. Angela Rose:

Angela Rose

Angela Rose, a conjurer blessed with proficiency in wind magic, stands as a valued member within the ranks of the Twin Horns Party.

She possesses long, blonde locks that gracefully curl at the ends. Her eyes radiate a vibrant shade of green, and she boasts a figure with proportions exceeding the norm. Beyond her physical attributes, Angela exudes an affable and joyful persona, characterized by her easygoing nature. Described as compassionate and caring, Angela demonstrated her warmth when she became the first member of the Twin Horns Party to embrace Arthur upon his return from Elenoir.

3. Durden Walker:

Durden Walker

Durden Walker, a practitioner skilled in the art of earth magic, is an integral part of the Twin Horns Party.

His eyes are distinctly narrow and dark, paired with eyebrows that slant downwards, framing short, scruffy black hair. Standing at an imposing two meters tall, his physical presence is formidable and robust.

Despite Durden’s imposing demeanor, characterized by a robust physique that might suggest a stern nature, he exudes a composed and gentle disposition. However, when it comes to maintaining order or steering individuals in the right direction, Durden doesn’t hesitate to employ his physical prowess, using his fists when necessary.

4. Jasmine Flamesworth:

Jasmine Flamesworth

Jasmine Flamesworth, hailing from the esteemed Flamesworth Family, is a proud member of the Twin Horns Party. Unlike her ancestors, who were predominantly skilled in the art of fire magic, Jasmine possesses a unique affinity for the wind attribute. Acting as Arthur’s mentor during his adventurous endeavors, she provided guidance and supervision throughout his time as an adventurer.

Jasmine boasts lengthy, sleek black hair neatly fastened in a half-up hairstyle secured by a deep green ribbon. Complementing her hair, she sports black bangs cascading over her forehead, framing her slender, fair face. Enhancing her features are her narrow red eyes, completing a distinctive and striking appearance.

5. Helen Shard:

Helen Shard

 Helen Shard, a proficient magic archer, is a key member of the Twin Horns Party. Following Reynolds Leywin’s decision to step back from his adventurous pursuits, she assumes the role of the party’s leader.

Helen possesses keen eyes, a lively nose, slender red lips, and a modest bust, giving her an almost boyish appearance complemented by her shoulder-length hair neatly fastened at the back. Her demeanor exudes composure and tranquility, presenting her as a figure of maturity among the members of the Twin Horns Party.


The members of the Twin Horns Party in “The Beginning After The End” manga contribute to a tapestry of diversity, each character adding unique elements to the narrative. From Arthur’s growth to the steadfast camaraderie with Olga, the wisdom of Eleanor, and the ensemble’s collective dynamics, these characters immerse readers in a world of magic, adventure, and personal evolution. As the Twin Horns Party navigates challenges, their strengths blend seamlessly, creating a captivating synergy that propels the storyline forward.