Meet Sylvie: A Character of Manga ‘The Beginning After The End’

Sylvie’s Story Overview:

Sylvie comes from a powerful lineage, the daughter of Sylvia Indrath and Agrona Vritra, and the granddaughter of Kezess Indrath and Myre. She’s deeply connected to Arthur Leywin, who was entrusted with her care by her mother. After completing training with her grandfather, Sylvie joins Arthur in a war, but they end up losing. In a critical moment, she sacrifices her physical body to save Arthur’s life, using a special power called Aether Art. Although her body is lost, her soul remains preserved inside an egg.

Arthur works tirelessly to bring Sylvie back to life, using Aether to nurture the egg. With the help of divine beings, they succeed in resurrecting her. During her revival, it’s revealed that Sylvie and Arthur were always destined to be together. In her previous life, she watched over him from the moment he was born as Grey, ensuring his soul was protected during his reincarnation as Arthur Leywin, giving him a fresh start in the world of Dicathen.

Sylvie’s Newborn:

Sylvie's Newborn

When Sylvie is born, she resembles a tiny black kitten with scales instead of fur. Her eyes have black sclera and sharp slit pupils, giving her a slightly menacing appearance despite her small feline body, which makes her look adorable. One distinct feature is the two horns curving outward from her head, ending in sharp points. Her head shape resembles a cat, with a slightly pointed snout. Sylvie’s tail is similar to her mother’s,  ending in two red spikes and small red spikes along her spine, matching the color of her eyes. Although she doesn’t have wings, there are two small bumps where they would be. Her belly lacks scales but has a leathery appearance.

Sylvie’s Draconic:

Sylvie's Draconic

In her draconic form, Sylvie is smaller than her mother, Sylvia, at around 8 meters long. Her scales are a deep obsidian black, and her horns are sharper and more menacing than before. Similar to Sylvia, Sylvie has wings with pitch-black-bladed feathers. The red spikes on her back and tail are gone, but scales along her spine ridge protrude, giving her a fiercer appearance. Her limbs are muscular and armored, with spikes at the elbows and knees, and sharp claws on her paws. While she once had an adorable face, it now exudes elegance and poise, with black sclera and yellow irises.

Sylvie’s White Form:

Sylvie's White Form

In Sylvie’s white form, her pitch-black scales transform into a snowy white color, and her horns disappear entirely. Her lizard-like tail grows, with scales sticking out. Previously resembling a feline lizard, Sylvie now takes on the appearance of a fox. Her “fur” consists of elongated scales, giving her the appearance of a pelt. Her body becomes entirely snow-white, except for her nose, the tips of her ears and tail, and her paws, which retain their original black color.

Sylvie’s Human Form:

Sylvie's Human Form

In her human form, Sylvie appears as a young girl, around eight or nine years old, with yellow eyes and long, choppy hair resembling the pale wheat color of her draconic form’s underbelly. Her hair resembles soft feathers rather than traditional strands. Bangs cover only half of her forehead. She wears a simple black robe, with two black horns protruding from the sides of her head. After her resurrection, her eyes become gem-like yellow, and her features slightly mature, resembling a teenager, similar to Arthur’s appearance.


Sylvie’s personality is characterized by playfulness, sarcasm, and humor, similar to Arthur’s demeanor. She affectionately refers to Arthur as “Papa” and holds a deep bond with him, seeing him as a father figure. Protective of Arthur, Sylvie goes to great lengths to ensure his safety and happiness. Following her training with her grandfather, Kezess Indrath, Sylvie becomes more cautious and mature, taking on the role of keeping Arthur in check and preventing him from getting into trouble. She displays sarcasm and mocks Arthur at times, showing her playful side. However, she can also become angry with Arthur when he goes too far.

Through various experiences, including sacrificing herself for Arthur’s sake and undergoing resurrection, Sylvie gains insight and wisdom beyond her years. She becomes more insightful and wiser, demonstrating a newfound depth to her character. During a pivotal encounter with the Lost Prince, Sylvie asserts her loyalty to Arthur and Dicathen, standing up against her father, Agrona Vritra, and her grandfather, Kezess Indrath. She exhibits authority by using her position as Kezess Indrath’s granddaughter to command a hostile dragon to retreat. Additionally, Sylvie confidently expresses her unwillingness regarding certain matters, showcasing her assertive and authoritative side.


Sylvie, the daughter of Sylvia Indrath, was entrusted to Arthur by her mother shortly before Sylvia’s demise at the hands of Cadell. Hatching during Arthur’s time in Elenoir, Sylvie formed a bond with him, becoming his equal partner through a contract. Since then, she has accompanied Arthur on his journey, growing and evolving alongside him. It was later revealed that Sylvie is the daughter of Agrona Vritra, and during her resurrection, it became evident that she and Arthur were bound by fate even before they met. During Arthur’s reincarnation, Sylvie diverted Agrona’s spell away from Alacrya to Dicathen, granting Arthur a second chance at life away from Agrona’s influence.

Abilities & Skills:

Aether Arts: As a dragon, Sylvie possesses proficiency in aether arts, particularly in vivum, which focuses on existence. She can perform remarkable feats of healing on herself and others using her abilities. Sylvie also has a vivum technique that allows her to sacrifice her physical body to save another person, as she did to rescue Arthur from death due to Realmheart Phase 3 usage. After her resurrection, her aether branch shifts toward aevum, the aspect of time.

  • Static Void: Following her revival and visit to the relic tombs, Sylvie gains the ability to stop time as her affinity with Aether shifts towards Aveum.
  • Pure Mana Manipulation: Sylvie possesses a potent skill to manipulate pure mana, shaping it into various forms such as projectiles and Barrie
  • Flight: Utilizing her wings, Sylvie is capable of flying effortlessly.
  • Durability: Sylvie’s dragon scales provide her with exceptional resistance to magical and physical attacks, although she can still be harmed or killed by sufficient force, as demonstrated when she nearly perished protecting Arthur from Uto.