Sylvia, a significant figure within the Indrath Clan, is not just a daughter but also a mother. She played a crucial role in Arthur’s life, saving him when he was just five years old and entrusting her daughter, Sylvie, to him.

Sylvia from The Beginning After The End Manga

In a pivotal moment, Sylvia’s second message, stored within Arthur’s core, is released, revealing shocking truths. She unveils her father, Kezess Indrath, and the elders of the Indrath Clan as responsible for the extermination of the Djinn race. Additionally, Sylvia exposes Agrona’s fall from grace as he tries to reveal this truth but faces opposition from the clan, motivated by jealousy of the Djinn’s knowledge of Aether.

In her message, Sylvia provides vital instructions and guidance to Arthur as he navigates the Relictombs, where secrets of Aether are hidden. These revelations serve to aid Arthur in his quest to overcome Agrona, and the loyal Vritra Clan aligned with him. Sylvia’s message profoundly affects Arthur, serving as a powerful catalyst for his growth and determination. Motivated by the revelations within the message, Arthur becomes driven to strengthen himself by unravelling the mysteries hidden within the Relictombs.

He is fueled by a deep sense of justice and vengeance, determined to confront both Agrona Vritra and Kezess Indrath for the suffering they have inflicted upon Sylvia, himself, and countless others. Arthur’s resolve to hold them accountable for their actions drives him forward, propelling him toward his goal of bringing justice to those who have caused so much misery.

Sylvia’s Forms

Dark Armor Form:

In this form, Sylvia’s eyes emit a petrifying red glow, and she stands an imposing ten meters tall. Massive horns protrude from the sides of her head, arcing down around the skull and curving up to sharp points near the front. Her body is adorned with sleek black armour, exuding an aura of intimidation and power.

Dragon Form:

Sylvia undergoes a majestic transformation, evolving into a dragon of immense proportions. Her body is now covered in shimmering scales of pearl white, radiating an ethereal beauty. Her eyes, now a deep lavender, gaze with wisdom and strength. Golden runes, resembling sacred engravings, adorn her neck and continue down her body and tail. Her wings, pure white and decorated with feathers edged in white, exude an aura of purity and grace.

Dragon form of Sylvia in the manga tbate

Sylvia’s Character:

Sylvia’s character is marked by kindness, patience, and warmth, in stark contrast to the cruelty and power hunger prevalent in her father, Kezess Indrath, and the rest of the Indrath clan. She is deeply troubled by her clan’s atrocities, particularly their extermination of the Djinn out of jealousy for their knowledge of aether, a conflict that often weighs heavily on her.

Overwhelmed by the madness and cruelty of both Asuran factions, Sylvia makes a courageous decision to hide herself, refusing to align with either side. Despite considering Agrona her enemy, she maintains sympathy for his plight while recognising that it does not excuse his crimes. In her final moments, she faces death with dignity, preferring to maintain her honour rather than align with either faction, a testament to her bravery and selflessness.

Faced with the madness and cruelty of both Asuran factions, Sylvia chooses to hide herself, refusing to align with either side. Despite considering Agrona her enemy, she maintains sympathy for his plight while recognising that it does not excuse his crimes.

Similar to Aldir and Mordain, Sylvia values the lives of lesser beings and is appalled by the actions of both Asuran factions toward them. In her final moments, she faces death with dignity, preferring to maintain her honour rather than align with either faction.

Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia, the child of Myre and Kezess Indrath, was betrothed to Agrona. She stumbled upon the darkest secret of the Indrath Clan: the genocide of ancient mages. The clan feared the aether prowess of these mages would undermine their authority, prompting their ruthless extermination.

When Agrona was banished to Alacrya for attempting to expose the truth, Sylvia discovered her pregnancy. Learning of her father’s plan to assassinate Agrona, she rushed to warn him but was horrified to uncover his cruel experiments on lesser beings, inspired by the ancient mages’ knowledge.

Imprisoned by Agrona upon discovering her pregnancy, Sylvia showed remarkable resilience and determination. She gave birth in captivity, and to protect her child, bearing both dragon and basilisk lineage, she concealed it within a pocket dimension. Eventually escaping Agrona’s clutches, Sylvia sought refuge in Dicathen, fleeing the horrors of Alacrya and the machinations of her clan, a testament to her unwavering determination and resilience.


Sylvia enters the story by rescuing Arthur from a scary fall off a cliff. Grateful for her aid, Arthur spent four months under her care. Before sending him through a spatial gate, she requested Arthur to refer to her as his grandmother. She bestowed upon him her beast will and entrusted him with her egg, which would later hatch into his bond, Sylvie. Additionally, Sylvia left a message for Arthur to be unveiled when he surpassed the white core.

When Arthur’s white mana core shattered, Sylvia’s message was revealed, disclosing crucial information about the Indrath Clan’s darkest secret and Agrona’s troubled past. This revelation marked a pivotal moment in Arthur’s journey, shedding light on the mysteries surrounding his lineage and the conflicts he would inevitably face.


Arthur Leywin:

Sylvia’s intervention changed the course of Arthur Leywin’s life in profound ways. After saving him from certain death, she nurtured a deep bond with Arthur during their four months together. She not only imparted invaluable knowledge, teaching him mana rotation techniques but also guided him to let go of his desire for revenge, serving as a mentor and guide in his journey.

When faced with danger from Cadell, Sylvia ensured Arthur’s escape, entrusting him with her daughter Sylvie and her will. In her messages to Arthur, Sylvia revealed her knowledge of his past life and urged him not to dwell on her death or seek revenge. Instead, she encouraged him to prioritise the well-being of his family and loved ones.

Through Sylvia’s revelations, Arthur learned the truth about the tragedies inflicted by her father, Kezess Indrath. Determined to hold Kezess accountable for his crimes, Arthur swore to make him pay dearly for the suffering he caused. Sylvia’s guidance and sacrifice left an indelible mark on Arthur, shaping his resolve and motivating him to pursue justice while prioritising the welfare of those he holds dear.

Kezess Indrath:

Sylvia harbours deep hatred towards her father, Kezess Indrath, for his involvement in the genocide against the Djinn and for ruining Agrona’s life when he attempted to expose the truth. His actions caused Sylvia to conceal herself from him after escaping from Agrona. She entrusted her daughter and will to Arthur to keep them away from Kezess’s influence.

Agrona Vritra:

Sylvia had a profound love for her husband, Agrona Vritra, whom she described as charming and curious. Despite siding with him during his banishment, Sylvia was horrified by his descent into madness and his cruel actions against the lessors of Alacrya. She deeply regretted her family’s role in destroying his life but believed it didn’t justify his subsequent actions.

Despite her love for him, Sylvia recognised Agrona’s madness as a betrayal of their relationship, leading to their hostility. She kept Arthur away from Agrona and entrusted their daughter to him for safety before aiding Arthur’s escape when threatened by Cadell.

Relations of Sylvia in Mange The beginning after the end

Sylvia’s Abilities and Skills

Spatium Genus: As a dragon, Sylvia possesses mastery over Aether, specifically belonging to the Spatium Genus, granting her authority over space.

Aevum Aether Arts: Sylvia is proficient in aevum aether arts, enabling her to manipulate time in a way similar to that of her father.

Mana Rotation: This ability allows Sylvia to continuously absorb mana from her surroundings while in motion or combat, enhancing her capabilities.

Pure Mana Manipulation: Sylvia can shape pure mana into various forms, such as projectiles, weapons, and barriers, displaying her adeptness in mana manipulation.

Static Void: Sylvia can freeze time using the aether around her, although this effect doesn’t apply to individuals who can manipulate aether similarly. While time is frozen, Sylvia cannot interact with frozen objects or individuals.

Realmheart Physique: This ability grants Sylvia a heightened perception of mana and aether, enabling her to utilise mana more effectively and gain insights into Aether. She can negate spells, reverse regeneration, manipulate space, create spatial gates, and generate pocket dimensions.

Flight: Like many dragons, Sylvia possesses the ability to fly, providing her with swift mobility both in combat and during travel.