Members of the Helstea Family of Manga “TBATE”

Embarking on a journey through the intricacies of “The Beginning After The End,” we find ourselves immersed in a world where magic and mystique intertwine. Within this captivating manga series, the Helstea family takes center stage, each member contributing their unique essence to the unfolding narrative. As we delve into the lives of these characters, we uncover a tapestry of relationships, magical abilities, and individual stories that shape the rich and enchanting dynamics of the Helstea clan. Join us as we unravel the threads that bind this extraordinary family together in a realm where adventure, legacy, and the extraordinary collide.

Members of the Helstea Family of Manga TBATE

1. Vincent Helstea:

Vincent Helstea

Vincent Helstea, the visionary behind the establishment of Helstea Auction House, is not only recognized for his entrepreneurial prowess but also holds the significant roles of being Tabitha Helstea’s spouse and Lilia Helstea’s father. His close bond extends to Reynolds Leywin, whom he entrusted with the crucial role of heading security at his esteemed Auction House. Notably, Vincent played a pivotal role in supporting Arthur Leywin’s education by sponsoring his attendance at the prestigious Xyrus Academy. This intricate web of relationships and connections underscores Vincent Helstea’s influence not just in the business realm but also in the personal and educational spheres of those close to him.

Vincent, a slender and well-groomed individual, stands at approximately 1.7 meters in height. His hair parted neatly, is brown, complemented by a small beard on his chin, and reddish-brown eyes. In his usual attire, Vincent opts for suits, paired with his distinctive glasses that have become part of his signature look.

2. Tabitha Helstea:

Tabitha Helstea

Tabitha Helstea, the wife of Vincent Helstea and the mother of Lilia Helstea is a stunning young lady characterized by her captivating features. Her lustrous black hair, which reaches waist-length when left untied (as depicted in Chapter 121), is elegantly styled into a bun adorned with three black hairpins. Strands of long hair gracefully cascade in front of her face and on either side, complementing her overall appearance. Tabitha’s light blue eyes add a touch of allure to her countenance.

During her initial appearance, Tabitha was attired in an off-shoulder white shirt featuring ruffles on both the top and sleeves. She paired this with black pants and stylish heels equipped with straps. Completing her look, Tabitha adorned herself with silver jewelry, enhancing her overall elegance. This ensemble not only underscores her fashionable sense but also highlights her poised and sophisticated demeanor.

3. Lilia Helstea:

Lilia Helstea

Lilia Helstea, born to Vincent and Tabitha Helstea, stands as the rightful heir to the Helstea family. With the crucial aid of Arthur Leywin in unlocking her mana core, Lilia achieved a significant milestone by becoming the inaugural mage in the Helstea lineage. This accomplishment marked her as the first member of the family to enroll at Xyrus Academy, where she assumed the role of the Student Council Secretary.

Lilia boasts luscious, chestnut-brown locks cascading midway down her back, frequently styled in a braided fashion. Her eyes, reminiscent of a kitten’s gaze, sparkle in hazel hues, aligning her age with that of Arthur Leywin. Despite her noble lineage, Lilia prefers a modest fashion sense, often donning uncomplicated dresses and accessories.


The members of the Helstea family in “The Beginning After The End” manga collectively contribute to the intricate tapestry of this fantastical world. Each Helstea family member plays a pivotal role in shaping the story. The family dynamic, infused with magical abilities, resilience, and deep bonds, adds a layer of complexity and relatability to the narrative. As readers immerse themselves in the adventures of the Helstea family, they are not merely witnessing a tale of fantasy but also a journey of self-discovery, growth, and the enduring strength found within the ties of family.