Members of the Greysunders Family of Manga “TBATE”

Dive into the enchanting universe of “The Beginning After The End” manga, where the intricate tapestry of characters weaves together a captivating narrative. One family that takes center stage in this fantastical realm is the Greysunders, a lineage steeped in magic, power, and a legacy that echoes across generations. In this blog post, we embark on a journey to unravel the tales of the Greysunders family, exploring the individual members who contribute to the dynamic and spellbinding narrative of this manga. From powerful matriarchs to prodigious heirs, each member of the Greysunders family brings a unique flavor to the magical world crafted by TurtleMe and Fuyuki23. Join us as we delve into the stories, relationships, and secrets that make the Greysunders family an integral part of “The Beginning After The End.”

1. Dawsid Greysunders:

Dawsid Greysunders

Dawsid Greysunders reigned as the monarch of Darv, the realm predominantly occupied by dwarves, and was wedded to Glaudera Greysunders.

As an elderly individual of diminished stature and robust build, he possesses deep, sagging eyes accentuated by thick, bushy eyebrows. His upper torso is adorned with a lengthy, braided beard and a divided mustache. Clad in a lightweight leather armor that envelops his barrel-shaped chest, he also dons a cloak bearing the emblem of Darv. Despite his well-defined muscles, Dawsid’s hands exhibit a softness and lack calluses, hinting at a propensity for lighter tasks rather than strenuous labor.

Although Dawsid lacks the eloquence displayed by his fellow royals, his words carry a significant influence. To the public eye, he projects an authoritative and benevolent image, earning the respect of the masses. However, beneath this facade lies a corrupt nature, as Dawsid is willing to prioritize personal wealth and power over the well-being of his people—a pursuit fueled by promises from the Vritra.

Olfred contends that Dawsid is characterized by greed and selfishness, indulging in a materialistic lifestyle that includes the enjoyment of expensive fermented fruits and the adornment of extravagant rings. Beyond his extravagant tastes, Dawsid harbors an inferiority complex towards humans, perceiving a societal disdain for dwarves, particularly due to their expertise in weapon forging.

Moreover, Dawsid’s darker side is revealed in his lustful and cruel actions. He engages in extramarital affairs with a peasant girl, going to extreme lengths to conceal his transgressions by resorting to the murder of both the girl and her husband.

2. Glaudera Greysunders:

Glaudera Greysunders

Glaudera Greysunders reigns as the Queen of Darv, a realm primarily populated by dwarves. Her spouse is Dawsid Greysunders. Due to her husband’s inability to conceive, she faced challenges in bearing offspring, ultimately leading to the extinction of the Greysunders Family following their passing.

Arthur characterizes Glaudera as possessing a masculine demeanor, characterized by wide shoulders and dark hair.


The members of the Greysunders family in “The Beginning After The End” contribute significantly to the richness and complexity of the manga’s narrative. From the powerful and enigmatic King Grey, whose legacy echoes through the pages, to the nurturing and wise Eleanor Leywin, the matriarchal force guiding her family with grace, each character brings a unique flavor to the tale. The intricate dynamics and relationships within the family add depth and emotional resonance to the storyline, captivating readers with a blend of magic, wisdom, and familial bonds. As we continue to follow the adventures of the Greysunders in this fantastical world, their individual journeys and collective impact promise to keep us enthralled and eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this enthralling manga series.