Unpacking the Complexities of King Grey in ‘The Beginning After The End’

Arthur Leywin, the central character of “The Beginning After The End,” undergoes a profound transformation from his previous life as King Grey to his reincarnated existence as Arthur Leywin in the land of Dicathen. In his former life, as Grey, he wielded power and authority but lacked genuine connections with others. However, his assassination and subsequent reincarnation offer him a second chance at life, prompting him to prioritize love, friendship, and familial bonds. Initially believing his death was caused by poisoning, Arthur later learns of the true orchestrator behind his reincarnation, Agrona Vritra. Despite Sylvie’s intervention, Agrona’s plan fails to properly contain Grey’s soul. This revelation sets Arthur on a journey of self-discovery and purpose in his new life.

Arthur Leywin of Manga The Beginning After The End

Arthur’s personality also evolves throughout the story. Influenced by his past life experiences, he possesses a mature and thoughtful demeanor, often considering the broader implications of events around him. Despite these challenges, Arthur remains steadfast in his commitment to protect his loved ones and bring about positive change in the world. His journey is one of redemption, growth, and ultimately, finding purpose beyond the confines of his past identity.

Transformation from King Grey to Arthur Leywin:

Arthur Leywin’s journey begins with his reincarnation from his previous life as King Grey into the new world of Dicathen. This transition marks a significant shift in his identity and outlook on life.King Grey’s rebirth as Arthur in a new world retained his memories and shaped his personality. He showed remarkable maturity from a young age, often thinking deeply about events and their consequences. However, while he had logical maturity due to his past experiences, his emotional maturity lacked. He struggled to handle emotions from those close to him, sometimes reacting excessively when they were in danger.

After losing a war and seeing Sylvie sacrifice herself to save him, Arthur became cold and detached, similar to his past life. His hatred towards the Alacryans grew, but was tempered by Regis and Caera, who helped him retain empathy. Spending time with Caera in Alacrya further diminished his hatred towards the Alacryans.

Arthur Leywin also know as King Grey

Ultimately, Arthur let go of his hatred towards the Alacryans and blamed Agrona Vritra and Kezess Indrath for the conflict. Returning to Dicathen, he regained his normal self, thanks to Sylvie’s sacrifice. He became more focused and determined to protect and save the world from the Asura-Vritra conflict, shifting his goal from protecting loved ones to ensuring no one suffers anymore.

Prioritizing Love, Friendship, and Family:

Unlike his previous life where he lacked genuine connections, Arthur resolves to live his new life to the fullest by cherishing relationships with loved ones. His desire for companionship and familial bonds shapes his actions and decisions throughout the story.

Discovery of True Reincarnation Cause:

Initially attributing his death to poisoning, Arthur later uncovers the truth behind his reincarnation orchestrated by Agrona Vritra. This revelation propels him into a deeper understanding of his existence and purpose in the new world.

Evolution of Appearance:

Arthur’s physical appearance undergoes a notable transformation from King Grey’s regal demeanor to Arthur Leywin’s more approachable and relaxed look. This change reflects Arthur’s desire for a simpler and more fulfilling life in his reincarnated form. In his previous life as King Grey, Arthur had short, pale blonde hair and a strong physique due to rigorous training. He typically wore a light yellow robe with long white pants and brown sandals. During wartime, he donned full-body armor for protection.

However, upon being reincarnated as Arthur Leywin, his appearance changed. Arthur now has short auburn brown hair and large, bright blue eyes. His face is round, and he often dresses in solid-colored clothing chosen by his mother. As he grew older, his hair became longer, with bangs sweeping across his forehead. At the age of eight, he had a significant growth spurt, and his hair reached just past his ears. After returning from Elenoir to Xyrus City in Sapin, Arthur got a haircut, leaving him with short hair and long bangs. He usually wears solid-colored shorts paired with a button-up shirt. His preferred footwear includes brown shoes and long socks, though this is only depicted on comic covers. In the comics themselves, he’s often seen wearing a white button-up shirt with a string necktie, grey shorts, and brown suspenders, along with black dress shoes.

Development of Personality:

Influenced by his past life experiences, Arthur possesses a mature and thoughtful personality, often contemplating the broader implications of events around him. However, emotional connections prove challenging for Arthur due to lingering traumas, leading to internal struggles with trust and vulnerability.

Commitment to Protect Loved Ones and Bring Positive Change:

Despite his emotional challenges, Arthur remains steadfast in his determination to safeguard his loved ones and contribute to positive transformations in the world. His journey becomes one of redemption, growth, and the pursuit of purpose beyond his past identity as King Grey.

Arthur’s Past Life:

  • Before his current life as Arthur Leywin, he was known as Grey and lived in a troubled world on Earth. He grew up in an orphanage alongside his close friends Nico Sever and Cecilia. To support their home, Grey and Nico turned to stealing from the wealthy.
  • Their lives changed when Grey saved Cecilia from an attack, forming a strong bond between the trio. However, Cecilia’s safety was threatened when she was targeted by someone referring to her as the “legacy.”
  • Tragedy struck when their orphanage headmaster died, driving Grey to seek revenge. He enrolled in a military academy to gain power, with Nico and Cecilia following suit. Despite their shared history, their relationship grew strained as Grey focused on his training.
  • As Grey became more distant, he encountered Vera, who became a mentor figure to him. The situation escalated when Cecilia was kidnapped by the same organization after her. Grey and Nico attempted a rescue mission, but their efforts ended in failure and separation.
  • Months later, a contest arose to choose the new king, where Grey and Cecilia found themselves competing. Before the final showdown, Nico reappeared, revealing shocking truths about their past and Vera’s involvement.
  • In a tragic turn of events, Grey discovered Nico’s revelations were true when Cecilia sacrificed herself rather than be used as a pawn. Betrayed and filled with grief, Grey’s friendship with Nico shattered, leaving him with a sense of emptiness.
  • Driven by vengeance, Grey initiated a war that ravaged an entire country, ultimately leading to his demise. Throughout his reign as King Grey, he avoided emotional connections, believing them to be vulnerabilities.
  • However, his death marked a new beginning as he was reincarnated as Arthur Leywin. Determined to live differently, Arthur chose a path of compassion and connection, leaving behind the hardened persona of King Grey.