Meet Tessia Eralith, Elijah Knight, and Bairon Wykes of Manga ‘The Beginning After The End’

Tessia Eralith

Tessia Eralith

Tessia Eralith is an important character in “The Beginning After The End.” She comes from a royal family in the elven kingdom of Elenoir, her parents being the former king and queen. Tessia is a close friend of Arthur Leywin and has romantic feelings for him. Arthur rescued her from bandits, and she began training with him under her grandfather’s guidance. Later, she became a student of Cynthia Goodsky and was chosen as the Student Council President at Xyrus Academy. When Xyrus Academy was attacked, Tessia joined the fight against Alacrya in the war.


As a child, Tessia had long, shiny gray hair that reached just past her shoulders, appearing silver in the sunlight. Her eyes were round and bright teal in color, set in a small, pale face with delicate features that Arthur thought looked like finely crafted gems. Being an elf from the elven kingdom of Elenoir, Tessia had the characteristic pointy ears of her race.

She often wore two braids tied at the back of her head, along with two more braids hanging down from behind her ears. For casual wear, she preferred white skirts or dresses paired with slip-on sandals. On outings, Tessia would don floral dresses and a small sun hat, completing her look with sandals. As she got older, her hairstyle remained the same, but her face became slimmer, and her eyes narrowed slightly. Tessia also pierced her ears and wore gold studs, appearing more feminine and often described as beautiful by others.


Growing up as the only daughter of the royal family in the Kingdom of Elenoir, Tessia felt lonely and struggled to trust others due to past betrayals. She rarely smiled in public, appearing cold and distant to those around her. However, after meeting Arthur, she began to open up and became much happier, smiling and laughing more often. Despite her initial shyness, Tessia became more confident through her training with her grandfather, Virion. Yet, her actions during the war led to significant consequences, causing her to mature quickly. She later sacrifices herself to save Ellie, showing her growth and maturity. Trapped in Cecilia’s mind, Tessia learns about Arthur’s past life, gaining wisdom and patience as she waits for an opportunity to regain control of her body and fulfill her promise to Arthur.


Tessia’s upbringing as the only princess of the Kingdom of Elenoir was marked by isolation and distrust due to her status as the sole heir to the throne. She often found herself used by others seeking personal gain, leading her to become distant and guarded. At the age of five, Tessia disagreed with her parents, prompting her to run away to clear her mind. Unbeknownst to her, she stumbled upon human slave traders during her escape. Fortunately, Arthur came to her rescue deep within the Elshire Forest. Despite the danger, Arthur decided to accompany Tessia back home, where she formed a strong attachment to him.

Over the next three years, Tessia spent nearly every day with Arthur, growing closer to him and convincing him to stay in Elenoir after becoming Virion’s disciple. During this time, she began honing her conjuring skills with a tutor and her combat abilities under Virion’s guidance. However, their time together was cut short when Arthur had to leave. Though saddened by his departure, Tessia understood and bid him farewell with tears in her eyes, clinging to the hope that they would be reunited in the future. This period of Tessia’s life was marked by significant emotional growth, as she learned to trust and rely on others, particularly Arthur, despite her past experiences of betrayal and loneliness.

Elijah Knight

Elijah Knight

Elijah Knight is a significant character in “The Beginning After The End.” He was raised by the Elder Dwarf Rahdeas after being orphaned and is known to have had a past as an Adventurer, representing the Kingdom of Darv. Despite appearing human, Elijah possesses a talent for metal magic. His path intersects with Arthur Leywin’s, and they develop a strong friendship. Under Arthur’s guidance, Elijah becomes a student at Xyrus Academy, sponsored by Vincent Helstea.

During the assault on Xyrus Academy, Elijah witnesses Tessia Eralith being held captive by Lucas Wykes, driven by revenge. Suddenly, Elijah loses consciousness, feeling as though he’s being controlled by an unknown force. He describes it as if his own consciousness was pushed aside, and he became a mere spectator in his own body. Eventually, his body reaches its limit, and he is abducted by the attackers, presumably taken to Alacrya.

Appearance and  Personality: 

Elijah sports short, sleek black hair that falls neatly over his forehead. He often wears square-framed glasses, lending him a mature appearance beyond his years. During his initial appearance, he was dressed in a plain beige long-sleeve shirt paired with black pants, and he didn’t have any weapons on him.

Initially, Elijah appeared to be a solitary individual, but his demeanor shifted to become more sociable after befriending Arthur. He shares a brotherly bond with Arthur and is comfortable discussing his past and future concerns with him. While Elijah is typically logical and reliable, his approach to relationships and interpersonal interactions is guided more by his emotions, making him susceptible to manipulation by others. During his time with the Helstea family, he expressed anxieties about his romantic prospects at Xyrus Academy and admitted to feeling envious of Arthur. Additionally, at Eleanor’s birthday celebration at the Helstea Manor, Elijah displayed an interest in pursuing romantic connections with girls.


Elijah’s early life is marked by being orphaned and subsequently raised by an elder named Rahdeas in the Kingdom of Darv. He has no recollection of his life before being adopted by Rahdeas, but occasionally, fragments of his past would resurface in his memories. At the age of eight, Rahdeas introduced him to Helgarth, a graceful and charming dwarven woman whom Rahdeas hoped would become Elijah’s future spouse.

Bairon Wykes

Bairon Wykes

Bairon Wykes, also known as Thunderlord, is part of the group called the Lances of Dicathen, which represents the Kingdom of Sapin. He comes from the Wykes family and is the older brother of Lucas Wykes, who turned traitor. When his family betrays Dicathen and supports the Alacryan invaders, Bairon chooses to side with the Dicathen resistance, led by Arthur Leywin, who just returned from Alacrya.

Bairon has a similar appearance to his brother Lucas, with pale skin and platinum blonde hair that’s swept to the left. He has an oval-shaped head with a defined jawline and stands tall and imposing, towering over many others. His piercing green eyes add to his commanding presence. Bairon typically wears a white uniform with a red sash, along with a ring given to him by the Council, as part of his role as a Lance of Dicathen.

Personality :

Bairon Wykes is depicted as a serious individual who places a high value on duty and honor. Unlike his younger brother Lucas, who is portrayed as arrogant and erratic, Bairon approaches his responsibilities with solemnity and dedication. He takes pride in his own abilities, believing in the importance of personal growth and achievement rather than relying solely on family resources. Despite his seriousness, Bairon has shown a willingness to defend his family, particularly his brother Lucas, even to the point of seeking vengeance against those who harm them. However, Bairon’s loyalty to his family is tested when they betray Dicathen and side with Alacrya. Despite his attachment to his lineage, Bairon ultimately chooses to abandon his family and align himself with Virion and the resistance against Alacrya. This decision showcases his commitment to doing what he believes is right, even if it means going against his blood.

Furthermore, Bairon’s character undergoes development as he reconciles with Arthur Leywin, whom he had previously harbored animosity towards due to the events involving Lucas. Bairon expresses regret for his actions and apologizes to Arthur, indicating a significant shift in his attitude towards him. This moment marks a turning point for Bairon as he sets aside his pride and familial grudges in favor of prioritizing the greater good and protecting those he once viewed as enemies.